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Public Safety

The first record

Public Safety is a fast-growing Colorado band that is ready for a fresh look.


The band isf releasing their first record and accompanying album cover. Therefore, Public Safety needs a new band identity, record design, collateral options, and marketing campaign.   

Drip Works LLC

This is a great place to add a tagline.

Drip Works is a silk screen apparel printing studio. The company specializes is providing T-shirts for small and mid-sized businesses. 


Drip Works currently has a logo, however, the mark has not been finalized or applied to marketing material. Therefore, the priority of this branding assignment will be the company's brand identity. Once the mark has been finalized, a comprehensive marketing campaign will be designed to help Drip Works reach their target audience. 


Urban Nights

Beyond fashion, beyond charity

Urban Nights is a yearly charity event that raises money for at-risk youth in Denver, Colorado.

Professional photography services for the 2017 Urban Nights Charity event was created. The event consisted of a fashion show, various street performers, live auction, and musical performance. The final project consisted of over 3,000 photographs which are featured on

Coldwell Banker

Find your dream home 

Real-estate photography has been provided for a decade. Creating imagery for Coldwell Banker has instilled an understanding of the art of corporate photography.